Form 14 - Child Support Amount Guidelines Worksheet:

The Missouri Child Support Guidelines Worksheet (Form 14) estimates the child support obligation that a court may order a parent to pay toward supporting the child(ren) on a monthly basis. Under Missouri law, there is a rebuttable presumption that the amount of child support, which would result from the use of these guidelines is the correct amount of support to be awarded; however, a court may choose to deviate from the guidelines under certain circumstances.

CS 01 Form 14 Child Support Amount Calculation Worksheet.pdf (Updated 07/01/17)

CS 01 DIR Directions for Use & Examples for Completion of Form 14.pdf (Updated 07/05/17)

CS01 SCH Schedule of Basic Child Support Obligations.pdf (Updated 07/01/17)


Child Support Enforcement in the Department of Social Services

Child Support Offices
The child support enforcement offices provide services from helping to establish paternity and child support to the enforcement and modification of child support orders.
Child Support Customer Service Call Center (enforcement calls only)
(866) 313-9960
Child Support Employer Information
(800) 585-9234
Child Support General Information
(800) 859-7999
Child Support Payment Information (IVR)
(800) 225-0530

Family Support Division of the Department of Social Services

Contact Your Local DSS Office
The Family Support Division of the Missouri Department of Social Services helps families with child support issues, food stamps, health care, blind services, income issues (TANF), shelter services and other needs-based services.
Information Center
(855) 373-4636 / (855) FSD-INFO - M-F 7am – 6pm
(800) 392-1261 - Automated Line 24x7